Victorians need urgent answers from the Government on its lack of a plan to bolster the health system to cope with an expected spike in Covid cases.

When National Cabinet vaccination targets are reached, and the State begins to open up, we can expect an increase in patients requiring hospitalisation for Covid – but the Government is disturbingly ill-prepared.

Premier Daniel Andrews in April last year promised a $1.3 billion boost to our health system, with an extra capacity of 4000 ICU beds.

Daniel Andrews has failed to deliver on his promise.

Evidence presented to the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee indicates that since the promise in April last year, ICU beds have only increased by 50 to a total of 500.    

Department of Health officials can’t explain whether the $1.3 billion has been spent, and if so, where it has gone?

The Labor Government’s mismanagement prior to the pandemic has left our hospitals and Victorians woefully exposed.

We need answers now.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Victoria had a health crisis before COVID took hold. The Andrews Labor Government has put lives at risk by failing to adequately resource our health system.

“Hardworking doctors, nurses and all who work on the frontline of Victoria’s health system are facing an increased case load and deserve better than they’ve got from Daniel Andrews.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional Health, Danny O’Brien:

“Daniel Andrews has had more than 18 months to fortify our health system but is it ready? Labor is good at big headline numbers in press releases, but not so good on the delivery. 

“Remember the first lockdown in March last year was supposedly to “flatten the curve to protect our health system”. We need answers on what the government has done since.”