IBAC investigation into Labor’s Department of Transport

IBAC has said that it: “confirms it is investigating matters related to the Department of Transport.”

Labor’s Transport Infrastructure Minister, Jacinta Allan oversaw the appointment of Mr Pinder in 2016.

Minister Allan has since then overseen the massive blowouts on the Murray Basin rail project, the $4 billion blowout on the Metro, the bungled West Gate Tunnel project and the $8 billion blowout on level crossing removals.

The ability of Labor’s Department of Transport to squander taxpayers’ money and botch projects is legendary with every single project under Andrews and his hapless ministers either late, over budget or otherwise bungled.

Under Labor, the Department of Transport has hopeless cost control and appears to not care about wasting millions of dollars of public money.

There was rampant corruption on the level crossing removal project. Minister Allan clearly had hopelessly inadequate controls on the project as her budgets blew out again and again.

On Department of Transport’s performance; Metro train performance has been disastrous under Labor and until COVID19 scared passengers away, it was getting steadily worse.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“IBAC must be allowed to do its job. I hope it roots out every bit of corruption at the Department of Transport and its proliferating stable of incompetent agencies.

“Mismanagement and incompetence under Labor are rife at the Department of Transport and its agencies.

“Andrews and his failed Minister Transport Minister have a lot to answer for. They have botched every infrastructure project they have ever touched.”

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