Labor’s Roads Minister, Ben Carroll has finally heeded calls from the Liberal Nationals to extend motorcycle learner’s permits.

In August the Liberal Nationals wrote to Labor’s Minister for Roads, urging him to extend the expiration of motorcycle learner’s permits. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many learner riders were unable to gain the experience they need to progress to a probationary licence.

The Minister’s agency, VicRoads, incorrectly, cited legislation impediments that meant a motorcycle learner’s permits could not be extended beyond 15 months. 

This was proven to be untrue.

The Department of Transport has finally confirmed that VicRoads will now be offering extensions for motorcycle learner permit holders, due to restrictions imposed for COVID-19. 

This will allow all riders whose motorcycle learner permits would be expiring from 1 August to 30 October 2020 to extend their permit for a further 6 months.

As well as taking up the Liberal Nationals call to extend motorcycle learner’s permits, we also call on Labor’s Roads Minister to: 

· Apply registration relief for motorcycle and vehicle owners during Metropolitan Melbourne’s Stage 4 Lockdown 

· Release the plan for the resumption of license testing in Metropolitan Melbourne 

· Facilitate online delivery of the learner’s permit and hazard perception tests 

Daniel Andrews and his government have lost the confidence of the Victorian people to govern our state and when the Labor Minister responsible for keeping our roads safe is dragged kicking and screaming to make this simple decision, it is little wonder why.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Road Safety and the TAC, Brad Battin: 

“It’s a pity that it has taken Labor so long to make this simple, logical change that will make our roads safer.

“With the motorcyclists already over-represented in road deaths, Labor’s Roads Minister should be doing all he can to keep them safe.”