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Labor Government refuses to come clean on released immigration detainees

The Allan Government has refused to confirm how many immigration detainees have been released in Victoria in response to the High Court’s decision in NZYQ.

Following the High Court’s ruling, at least 141 immigration detainees have been released across Australia.

Victoria’s Attorney-General and Minister for Police have refused to answer how many of these people were released in Victoria.

They have also refused to tell Victorians what measures Victoria Police has in place to monitor the movements of those released into the community.

Shadow Attorney-General, Michael O’Brien, said: “Victorians have a right to know how many former detainees have been released in Victoria and how they are being monitored.

“A number of the released immigration detainees committed very serious crimes making them a potential danger to the community.

“Crimes against children and sexual offences against women led to some of these people being detained in the first place.

“When the Opposition asked the Police Minister what action Victoria Police is taking to monitor the movements of these dangerous individuals, he refused to say.

“Silence and secrecy in these circumstances does nothing to keep Victorians safe.”

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