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Labor must intervene on inappropriate Rising Festival performance

Sunday 17 March 2024

Labor must intervene on inappropriate Rising Festival performance

The Allan Labor Government must intervene and ensure a performance that may breach Victorian consent laws does not proceed as part of the upcoming Rising Festival.

Several legal experts have raised serious concerns around the performance, which would see an artist drugged unconscious and penetrated on stage.

Under Victoria’s consent laws, a person impacted by drugs or alcohol that is incapable of withdrawing consent to sexual activity cannot be said to have consented.

Shadow Minister for Women, Cindy McLeish, said: “Most Victorians would find this act appalling and be shocked it is being financially support by taxpayers.

“Jacinta Allan can’t wash her hands of this and must intervene. The Premier must show leadership and act to ensure that this performance does not go ahead.”

Shadow Attorney-General, Michael O’Brien, said: “There is a serious question as to whether participants in this performance are engaging in serious offending under Victorian law.

“At the very least, it undermines Victoria’s strong affirmative consent laws. Clearly taxpayer funding for this performance is inappropriate.”

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