The release of the Ombudsman’s report into allegations of nepotism in government schools raises some concerning questions about the lack of action by the Andrews Labor Government.

The cases examined in the report, as the Ombudsman described were:

“Mostly, the subjects of these allegations were well-intentioned, busy people trying to solve problems, who got it wrong, such as not realising rules still apply to casual staff.”

The principals and administrators working in the Victorian education system are hardworking and often stretched very thin doing the important work they do.

This is why the State Government must step-up and support them, ensuring the rules surrounding the employment of staff are clear and easily followed.

The Ombudsman, in part of the report also stated:

“The evidence in these cases suggests the Department is also facing some systemic issues.”

This is a case of the State Government failing to ensure that the important rules around employing staff are widely-known and routinely followed. 

This type of cultural change must come from the top, led by the Minister for Education.

Minister Merlino has so far failed to act and ensure that nepotism is stamped out in our education system.