Labor wastes more than $25 billion on cost blowouts

The Andrews Labor Government has proven again that it can’t manage taxpayers’ money.

With only three months until the Victorian State Budget, Victorians and the Treasury Department are no closer to understanding the growing cost blowouts on Victoria’s major projects under Labor.

During questioning by the Liberal Nationals, today at Public Accounts and Estimates hearings at State Parliament, DTF Secretary David Martine confirmed that the Treasury Department was still working through analysing the impact of Victoria’s major projects.

Under Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s major projects have already blown out by more than $25 billion, with many more billions expected after problems with contaminated soil, workforce problems and overall government mismanagement.

The Secretary also confirmed the latest five-day lockdown came with “economic consequences” and could not detail how much of the debt borrowings were being used to plug the holes in capital project blowouts.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“Victoria’s budget has already been hit hard with Daniel Andrews’ second wave and forced lockdowns.

“The cost of Victoria’s major projects is growing by the week and debt is surging to cover the costs. Victorians know that our children and grandchildren will be paying the costs of the Andrews Labor Government’s economic mismanagement.

“The Andrews Labor Government hid its most recent cost blow-outs under the cover of COVID. Today we’ve learned it still doesn’t know how badly the Minister for Transport Infrastructure is mismanaging her portfolio.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“Treasury must pull the Minister for Transport Infrastructure into line. From today’s sworn evidence it appears Treasury has not got grip on the size, scale or reasons of the massive cost blowouts on our major transport infrastructure project.

“Most of these transport projects are either late, botched or billions of dollars over budget.

“Where are the business cases for these projects like the Suburban Rail Loop? Where is the oversight? It’s clear the Andrews Labor Government can’t manage these major projects.  Its waste and mismanagement will cost taxpayers dearly unless they are held to account.”

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