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Labor’s shameless attempt to silence watchdog and cover up corruption in Andrews Government

Monday 31 July 2023

Today we witnessed a dark day for democracy in Victoria.

Today former IBAC Commissioner and highly-respected former Supreme Court judge Robert Redlich gave scathing evidence to the Victorian Parliament’s Integrity and Oversight Committee about Premier Daniel Andrews and his misconduct in office.

Today we also saw Daniel Andrews’ Labor minions shamelessly try to discredit Mr Redlich and silence him in a bid to cover up corruption in the Government.

Their actions should appal all Victorians who care about good government and the reputation of our state. The behaviour of Labor MPs today tells us that not only is the Andrews Government corrupt, but it will stoop to any level to stop people uncovering the truth.

If you stand up in Victoria and do the right thing Mr Andrews and his Government will attack you and try to silence you.

We need strong institutions in Victoria, such as IBAC, to stand up to powerful forces and protect the rights of the Victorian people.

We need a Government that is held to account, not a gang of thugs trying to attack people for doing their jobs.

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