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Labor’s weakened bail laws start today

Monday 25 March 2024

Labor’s weakened bail laws start today

Victoria’s bail laws are weaker today, as Labor’s changes take effect.

Under changes to the Bail Act commencing today, the offence of ‘committing an indictable offence whilst on bail’ is abolished.

This provision, under section 30B of the Bail Act, meant that a person on bail who committed a serious (indictable) offence faced a tougher test to get bail again.

Section 30B was introduced by the former Liberals and Nationals Government to reflect the principle that a person who abuses the privilege of bail by committing a further offence should face a tougher test to get bail again.

Labor’s abolition of section 30B now means that repeat serious offenders will find it much easier to continue getting bail and remain in the community.

Shadow Attorney-General, Michael O’Brien, said: “With serious offending including aggravated burglaries on the rise, it is the worst possible time for Labor to be weakening Victoria’s bail laws.

“But again the Allan Labor Government puts ideology ahead of community safety.”

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