Lisa Neville must come clean over her role in hotel quarantine disaster

Lisa Neville must come clean to the hotel quarantine inquiry about exactly what was discussed between her and a member of Daniel Andrews’ private office during the crucial period when the use of private security was being decided.

Victoria’s second wave was caused by Labor’s failed hotel quarantine program and it is unacceptable that the Andrews Labor Government continue to duck and weave behind cover-ups, changing stories and an avalanche of collective amnesia.

Despite the hotel quarantine inquiry having run for over 3 months and having heard from more than 60 witnesses, Victorians are still no closer to the truth on who is responsible for the decision to ignore offers of ADF support and engage private security contractors in hotel quarantine program.

In July, Lisa Neville stated “I’m not going to throw anybody under the bus, rightly or wrongly” over the decision to hire private security but she must now come clean about exactly what she knows about how the worst public policy disaster in Victoria’s history occurred.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police, David Southwick:

“Lisa Neville a key player in the decision to use private security and now must finally come clean on what she knows.

“With 800 Victorian lives lost and countless livelihoods destroyed, Victorians deserve answers about who is responsible for using private security in hotel quarantine.

“When Lisa Neville said she didn’t want to throw anyone under a bus, was she talking about herself? The Premier? Her staff? Or someone else? She must come clean.”

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