Melbourne tumbles down the ‘most liveable’ ladder

Melbourne continues to plummet down the ladder as the world’s most ‘liveable city’ after seven years of a Labor Government, dropping to eighth place in the recent Global Liveability Index 2021.

Once known for its culture and vibrancy and a place where people wanted to live and visit, Melbourne is now a shadow of the city it used to be.

Dropping from a strong overall rating of 98.4 to a dismal 92.5 is staggering for Melburnians to comprehend in such a short period of time. Melbourne’s Healthcare score has plummeted from 100 to 83.3 and Culture and Environment has decreased from 98.6 to 88.2. 

In comparison, Auckland New Zealand has swept in to snatch the 2021 crown, praised for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and ability to remain open while many other cities, including Melbourne, shut down.  

The Andrews Labor Government’s mismanagement of hotel quarantine and failed contact tracing led to the second wave of COVID-19 last year and the current fourth lockdown. Labor’s bungled handling resulted in snap lockdowns, crumbling businesses, no tourism and loss of major events which has ultimately failed Melbourne. It’s failure to plan for crippling debt and wastages in projects also led to financial ratings agencies slashing Victoria’s credit rating.

After nearly 15 months of this pandemic, the Andrews Labor Government is still confused about how to safely manage contact tracing and develop a solid plan for Melbourne to successfully come out of this pandemic.

ABS data reveals Victorians are flocking interstate and into regional Victoria in large numbers over the past year, further evidence of a glum outlook.

The Andrews Labor Government can now add loss of most liveable city to their list to failures.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Economic Development, Louise Staley:

“Labor had already lost Victoria’s AAA credit rating through its economic mismanagement, now Melbourne’s loss of liveability has also been noticed globally.

“Instead of making Melbourne and Victoria a more attractive place to live and do business, the Andrews Labor Government has slugged small businesses and families with more taxes.

“Labor has no positive plan for Victoria’s economic recovery.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism, Major Events and Sport, Cindy McLeish:

“Melbourne firmly held the crown for most liveable city in the world for almost a decade but under Labor, the very things Melburnians took for granted have diminished.

“The Andrews Labor Government has let us all down. To drop to eighth is a staggering loss, one we will be feeling for some time.  

“The Andrews Labor Government needs to step up and get Melbourne back to what it once was.”

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