The Melbourne Grand Prix, that was cancelled in 2020, is again at risk due to Labor’s incompetent management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Melbourne has already lost the all-important season-opening race for 2021 and has been instead relegated to the anonymity of the 3rd last event of the F1 season.

Reports that the reason for the date change was due to the Andrews Labor Government could not reach an agreement with the F1 organisation for the season opener show the internal chaos within the government.

The ball is now in Daniel Andrews’ court to reach agreement with the F1 organisation to ensure that the 2021 Grand Prix does actually go ahead, and does not join the list of major events lost in Victoria due to Labor’s incompetence.

It is also crucial that the Andrews Labor Government does the work needed to ensure that Victoria will once again host the prized season-opening event in 2022. 

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism, Major Events and Sport, Cindy McLeish:

“Victoria has already lost many major events due to Labor’s incompetence; we can’t afford to lose anymore.

“Melbourne has long held the mantle of the sporting capital of the world but this is now at risk due to Labor’s ineptitude.”