More health and ambulance performance data secrecy from the Andrews Labor Government

After a record number of people were left waiting in pain on the elective surgery wait list in the January-March 2021 quarter, the Andrews Labor Government has not released the latest health and ambulance performance figures.

The performance figures for the AprilJune 2021 quarter were set to be released at the end of last month but are now overdue.

If Victorians are to believe the Andrews Labor Government is looking out for their health needs, Labor must release these figures now. Truth and transparency have never been a strong point for the Andrews Labor Government and denying Victorians this latest data leaves everyone in the dark.

Victoria is still facing an ongoing healthcare crisis. Ambulances are ramping daily, patients are relying on taxis for medical transportation, and elective surgery wait lists have blown out.

Sick Victorians are being left in pain and agony as they continue to wait, and tragically, Victorians have died waiting for an ambulance to arrive. The Andrews Labor Government must end ambulance ramping and stop patients dying unnecessarily waiting in or for an ambulance.

The Victorian health system needs cultural change, and the Liberal Nationals understand we can’t fix a system unless we acknowledge that it needs more than money. Dan has no plan to fix Victoria’s deteriorating health services.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“True to form, the Andrews Labor Government continues to hide crucial health data from Victorians.

“A record number of Victorians were languishing on elective surgery wait lists before the COVID crisis hit and since then it’s only got worse. There must be transparency around just how badly Labor is managing health in Victoria.

“Victorians have tragically died this year waiting for an ambulance; the least the Andrews Labor Government can do is be punctual with the release of health and ambulance performance figures.”

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