More Labor confusion over fire preparation

The confusion sown by Daniel Andrews and Labor continues to prevent residents of Metropolitan Melbourne from travelling to and preparing their regional properties for the upcoming bushfire season.

Earlier this week, at his press conference, Daniel Andrews said that Victorians would have to wait for councils to issue fire prevention notices before they could travel to their properties and begin fire preparations.

The next day, Labor’s Emergency Services Minister then said Melbourne residents can access their properties by simply seeking permission from the applicable regional council.

The confusion created by the Andrews Labor Government in relation to this process has now resulted in at least one local council refusing to provide this permission on request.

Instead, this local council has stated that permission will only be provided to owners of properties if the local council itself deems the property poses a threat to life or property and issues a fire prevention notice.

Melbourne based land owners simply want a simple process to access their regional properties in a COVID Safe manner to reduce potential fire or flood risks.

The Andrews Labor Government’s failure to provide clarity on this issue now risks putting the lives and property of Victorians at risk.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Nick Wakeling:

“Daniel Andrews continues to neglect the urgent need to prepare our state for the upcoming bushfire season.

“Daniel Andrews expects local councils to implement a process on which neither he, nor his Emergency Services Minister can agree.

“Residents of Melbourne with at-risk properties in regional Victoria urgently seek a simple and quick means to travel to their properties and begin urgent fire and flood preparations.

“The confusion caused by the Andrews Labor Government continues to put the lives and property of Victorians at risk.”

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