Victorian opposition leader Michael O'Brien addresses the media during a press conference at the Victorian State Parliament in Melbourne, Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas' sixth budget, to be unveiled on Tuesday, will see Victoria accrue an eye-watering level of debt to fund major infrastructure projects, tax cuts and incentives to lure global companies to the state. (AAP Image/James Ross) NO ARCHIVING

My plan to help Victoria avoid statewide lockdowns again

As Leader of the Opposition in Victoria, my responsibility is to strongly call out Labor’s failings.

But I’ll also offer Victorians a better plan ahead.

That is why my plan will help Victoria avoid statewide lockdowns again.

My Liberal Nationals team will seek to avoid Labor’s statewide lockdowns through five simple steps because lockdowns should be a last resort not a first response.

Here’s a better plan.

LIMIT LOCKDOWNS.  Areas without Covid should not be locked down in the same way hot spots are.

FIX CONTACT TRACING. This is the key to putting a fence around future outbreaks.

DEPLOY RAPID TESTING. Ongoing testing can keep schools and critical workforces such as freight and logistics open and safe.

RELEASE HEALTH ADVICE. The community needs to know the advice behind decisions to lock down, including advice from the Chief Psychiatrist.

FASTER AND BETTER TARGETED VACCINATIONS. Gaps in the vaccination program need fixing with rapid response in key sectors such as schools.

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