Ombudsman calls out Labor’s savage cuts to watchdog’s budget

Daniel Andrews’ vicious cut to the Victorian Ombudsman’s budget has been again called out in the Ombudsman’s 2020 Annual report, tabled today in State Parliament.

Ombudsman, Deborah Glass has written:

“… once again my ongoing funding has fallen substantially short of what is needed to respond to public expectations of my office.”


“… the apparent reluctance to fund my office could risk looking like an attempt to undermine it.’

Daniel Andrews is slashing the Ombudsman’s budget at the same time it is undertaking at least two separate investigations involving Daniel Andrews’ Labor Party.

The Ombudsman is currently investigating branch stacking in the Labor Party and the Andrews Labor Government’s decision to lock down public housing towers without any notice or regard for human rights during the pandemic.

Comments attributable to Shadow Special Minister for State, Kim Wells:

“The Ombudsman is investigating the Andrews Labor Government and what does Daniel Andrews do – he ruthlessly cuts its budget.

“Daniel Andrews is taking an axe to the budget of the Victorian Ombudsman and the important work it does to uncover and weed out inappropriate activity and misconduct. 

“The Ombudsman exists to keep government honest and clean. Clearly, Daniel Andrews wants to slash its capacity to keep his government accountable.”

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