One prison guard a week suspended in Andrews’ chaotic corrections system

Confirmation that more than one prison officer a week is being suspended and investigated for improper conduct is further evidence of Victoria’s chaotic prison system under the Andrews Labor Government. 

Data provided by Corrections Victoria confirms during 2020-21, 59 correctional officers were suspended due to serious misconduct, including: 

  • 14 relating to allegations of sexual harassment. 
  • 11 relating to allegations of disrespectful behaviour. 
  • 2 relating to allegations of excessive use of force. 
  • 2 relating to allegations of introducing contraband. 
  • 1 relating to an allegation of not maintaining professional boundaries. 
  • 1 relating to an allegation of committing a criminal offence.

Of the 59 officers suspended, 13 resigned prior to their investigation concluding, 7 officers were terminated, 4 returned to duties following substantiated findings of misconduct and 4 cases were not substantiated. 

Furthermore, these cases come in addition to the recent IBAC Special Report on Corrections, which found multiple cases improper conduct and corruption risks within corrections, including excessive use of force, inappropriate relationships, data breaches and smuggling of drugs and contraband.  

Under Daniel Andrews, Victoria is running the most expensive prisons of any state in the nation yet rehabilitation outcomes continue to go backwards. Victoria needs a new plan to keep our community safe and get inmates on the right path and out of a life of crime.  

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Corrections, David Southwick: 

“When those in charge are the ones committing the crime then it’s little wonder why the revolving door of our prison system keeps on swinging. 

With drugs, violence and shocking staff behaviour a daily occurrence in our prison system, it’s clear there is a culture of corruption that has been swept under the carpet by the Andrews Government.  

Daniel Andrews has put inmate rehabilitation in the too-hard basket and Victoria needs a new plan to get inmates on the right path and out of a life of crime.”   

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