Public policy think tank tells Labor to fix roads

The Andrews Labor Government must take the advice of the Grattan Institute and make significant budget investments in crumbling rural and regional roads.

The Grattan Institute’s latest report states taxpayers would get bigger bang for their buck if more money was spent on upgrading existing infrastructure.

There are thousands of kilometres of existing rural and regional roads that need upgrades.   They must be brought back to a standard that ensures kids can get to school safely and so people aren’t fearful for their lives when then get behind the wheel.  

Significant upgrades of rural and regional infrastructure, including roads and rail, to bring them up to a 21st century standard, would create jobs and help boost the decimated state economy.

The Andrews Labor Government must use this budget – which has been touted as big-spending, job-creating, COVID-19 recovery budget – to make significant investments to improve infrastructure which has been neglected by Labor for too long.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:

“Regional Victorians aren’t asking for upgraded roads for the sake of it, they’re asking for them because they need them.

“People living in regional Victoria deserve upgraded infrastructure just as much as people living in the city do.

“Daniel Andrews must use the opportunity this big-spending budget will bring and look beyond the tram tracks. He needs to make significant investments in critical rural and regional infrastructure.”

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