Report reveals Labor’s public housing neglect

The Report on Government Services released today by the independent Productivity Commission has once again shown the Andrews Labor Government’s rhetoric doesn’t match reality when it comes to public housing.

The stats are damning.

In 2011 there were 64,941 social housing dwellings in Victoria, there are now 64,072. This despite Victoria’s population increasing by almost 1 million people.

There were more social housing dwellings in 2014 when the previous Liberal government left office than there are now.

Labor can’t spin its way out of this. These facts paint a stubborn picture for these so-called ‘social justice warriors’ in the Australian Labor Party shamefully ignoring our most vulnerable Victorians.

The consequence of not keeping up with population growth and a booming property market Labor has ensured more families fleeing family violence and economic hardship can’t get a roof over their head, which leads to further social dislocation.

Other stats that ‘Captain Snooze,’ Housing Minister, Dick Wynne will have to answer for today:

Why have Indigenous community housing numbers also reduced by 18 per cent since 2014?

Why has there been a reduction in the number of households paying less than market rent?

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Housing, Tim Smith:

“Labor has been in power in Victoria for the best part of 20 years and its investment in public housing has never matched its spin.

“Due to Labor’s neglect, the number of Victorians on the emergency waiting list for public housing will just continue to grow.” 

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