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Same old Labor fails integrity test

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Same old Labor fails integrity test

Labor’s new Premier Jacinta Allan has failed her first integrity test.

The Labor Government’s response to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission’s (IBAC) 17 recommendations contained in Operation Daintree shows that political power, not public integrity, is what matters to Labor.

Operation Daintree was a scathing IBAC special report that uncovered a dodgy election-eve deal between the Labor Government and its political allies in the Health Workers Union to deliver a multi-million dollar training contract without a tender to union mates who were incapable of delivering the services required.

IBAC found “a range of concerning conduct and omissions in breach of the public duties and ethical obligations of ministers and ministerial advisors”.

IBAC made 17 far-reaching recommendations in response.

The Allan Labor Government has point blank refused to support a number of critical IBAC recommendations, including that the Government “consult with IBAC on the preparation of legislative changes arising from the implementation of recommendations in this report”.

The Government has also rejected a recommendation to allow Ministerial staff to appear before Parliamentary committees in limited circumstances.

Annual reporting of the total number and cost of Ministerial advisers and other Ministerial staff was a key IBAC recommendation, however the Government will only commit to considering it.

Shadow Attorney-General, Michael O’Brien, said: “In responding to Operation Daintree, Jacinta Allan had the opportunity to show that Labor would turn away from its dodgy practices and embrace integrity.

“Instead, the new Premier has snubbed IBAC and shunned transparency in order to shore up her political power.

“Victorians are cynical about a Labor government that looks after itself while the community is facing a cost of living crisis.

“As to why Labor is refusing to even consult with IBAC on drafting laws to clean up corruption, it seems that Premier Allan does not want to be told how weak she is on corruption.

“As The Who noted: ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

“Victorians won’t get fooled again”.

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