So many questions for Daniel Andrews to answer about his hotel quarantine disaster

By Daniel Andrews’ own admission Victoria’s botched hotel quarantine regime is behind Victoria’s increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections.

Daniel Andrews can’t hide behind a judicial inquiry into the stuff-ups in hotel quarantine.

Victorians deserve to know now, today, exactly what Daniel Andrews knows about the hotel quarantine mess.

Daniel Andrews must be accountable for his incompetent handling of hotel quarantine and answer these questions:

  1. Why did Daniel Andrews decide to have untrained private security guards in quarantine hotels?
  2. How did Daniel Andrews select the private security that provided quarantine hotels security guards in the absence of a formal tender process?
  3. Why does Daniel Andrews still refuse to use the ADF to manage hotel quarantine?
  4. Did private security guards engage in sexual activity with returned travellers?
  5. Did Daniel Andrews allow rorting of taxpayers’ money with ‘ghost’ security guards who never existed?
  6. Why were private security guards not trained in infection control and proper use of PPE?
  7. Will Daniel Andrews promise to hold public hearings as part of the judicial inquiry and make all findings public?
  8. How did Daniel Andrews decide which private security firms to use to guard quarantine hotels given there was no tender process?
  9. Why did Daniel Andrews go against National Cabinet advice to use Police and/or ADF personnel to guard quarantine hotels?
  10. Why did Daniel Andrews permit private security guards to undertake work at multiple quarantine hotel locations?
  11. Why did Daniel Andrews not ensure government oversight of the performance of private security guards at quarantine hotels?
  12. Will Daniel Andrews sack any of his Ministers responsible for hotel quarantine?

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Daniel Andrews can’t wash his hands of this hotel quarantine disaster.

“Victoria’s increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections, by Daniel Andrews’ own admission, is a result of the incompetent management of hotel quarantine.

“Victorians should not have to wait months for answers about how Daniel Andrews has made such a mess of Victoria’s hotel quarantine.

“Andrews is trying to keep the details of this bungle a secret. Victorians deserve to know how this mess happened and why we’re facing lockdowns again. It’s people’s lives and livelihoods that are at stake.”

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