Victorian opposition leader Michael O'Brien addresses the media during a press conference at the Victorian State Parliament in Melbourne, Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas' sixth budget, to be unveiled on Tuesday, will see Victoria accrue an eye-watering level of debt to fund major infrastructure projects, tax cuts and incentives to lure global companies to the state. (AAP Image/James Ross) NO ARCHIVING

Statement from the Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien

Victorians have once again been dealt a huge blow. A blow to mental health, a blow to small business, a blow to our economy – a blow to our confidence.

Victorians ask why we are the only state to have a fourth lockdown.

We ask why the government’s contact tracing hasn’t kept this outbreak confined.

Whilst many of us feel a deep sense of disappointment and frustration, I am confident Victorians will all play our part in reclaiming the gains we made last year.

Victorians beat the second wave, despite the many mistakes of the Andrews Labor Government.

We rallied together, we abided by the rules, we made many, many sacrifices.

We will do this again.

Only by working together will we beat the latest outbreak.

Victorians are tired. We’re worn out. We’re fed up. We need a plan out of this latest lockdown and a plan for our economic recovery.

My thoughts turn immediately to families whose lives are thrown into disarray. To the weddings cancelled and the funerals disrupted.

And to the small business operators who are once again forced to close your doors, I will fight for you to be provided the compensation you deserve.

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