The Andrews Labor Government filibusters to block vote

A Liberal Nationals bill requiring the health advice provided to the Andrews Labor Government that triggers lockdowns and harsh restrictions to be made public has been denied a vote in the Parliament.

The need for information was first raised in March 2020. The Liberal Nationals have submitted multiple Freedom of Information requests since this time. These requests have been blocked and have since been taken to the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner.

The Bill will simply require the Chief Health Officer to produce to Parliament documents upon which the decision is based to make a direction or order that imposes restrictions, while a State of Emergency exists.

The Bill will also create a review mechanism where the Chief Health Officer believes the production of certain documents would be contrary to the public health interest.

Victorians expect and rightfully deserve a level of transparency and accountability from the Andrews Labor Government – today’s actions fly in the face of these principles.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Since day one of this pandemic, the Andrews Labor Government has continued to obfuscate and avoid accountability. It has done that again today.

“The Liberal Nationals put forward this Bill so Labor was more transparent when it comes to locking down millions of Victorians and slamming the door closed on thousands of businesses.

“The Andrews Labor Government continues to hide behind so-called public health advice, yet it does everything it can to hide it. This shows a Government that has contempt for the Victorian people and will do anything to avoid scrutiny, transparency, and accountability.”

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