Union’s demands could cause consumer pain

The latest industrial action on Victoria’s docks is a bad sign of things to come for consumers.  Retailers could experience delays in getting goods and Victorians could eventually be paying higher prices.

The Maritime Union is only looking out for its own interests and demanding a 25 per cent increase in staffing at the Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT) at Webb Dock.  It wants to increase total staffing costs by 117 per cent.

That’s despite VICT being a fully automated terminal. 

The union’s demands show it’s simply looking to increase its membership base and wants to keep the waterfront in the past.

The union’s bullying tactics come at a time when demand for imported goods is soaring. With VICT handling 34 per cent of all containers at the Port of Melbourne, this planned four hour stoppage on Tuesday 16th February will lead to significant delays and hurt the already-struggling Victorian economy.

The Liberal Nationals are concerned this will make the VICT’s operations unviable, ultimately impacting consumers.

Once again Victorian importers and consumers are being held to ransom by Daniel Andrews’ mates in the unions who are hell bent on maintaining outdated work practices and resisting modernisation.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight, Roma Britnell:

The Maritime Union’s bullying tactics will see jobs lost, not saved or created. If this aggressive and unrealistic campaign is successful, it will make the VICT’s operations unviable.

“Consumers will be the ones to pay for the union’s greedy demands.

“The union is focused on their membership base, not on saving jobs or helping workers – it’s about the union building their influence and power.

“Daniel Andrews and his Minister Melissa Horne must step in and call out the ridiculousness of the union’s demands – otherwise it risks another business packing up and leaving the state.”

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