Victoria must use NSW technology to track and trace

With Melbourne facing another five weeks of curfews and lockdown, the Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to ditch the pen, paper and fax contact tracing system and embrace a sophisticated technological response. 

The competent and streamlined technology-based response to contact tracing seen in New South Wales has allowed the Berejiklian Government to reopen most workplaces and reopen the economy due to the ability to jump on any COVID-19 cases instantly.

In early September, Service NSW (the New South Wales Government’s government services portal) introduced the COVID Safe check-in function to the Service NSW mobile app, allowing for individuals to scan a QR code when arriving at participating venues. This data is instantaneously shared with the Service NSW database that has proved to be a critical weapon in the track and tracing of COVID-19 outbreaks. Victoria must develop such an app and update our arsenal in our efforts to contain COVID-19. 

During this pandemic, various businesses have implemented technological solutions to retaining customer details. The implementation of a similar app and check-in feature here in Victoria enables the crucial data to be accessed in a time-sensitive fashion. 

Victorians have lost confidence in the Andrews Labor Government’s ability to catch new outbreaks quickly and carry out the appropriate contact tracing.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Victoria’s economy has been smashed due to the COVID-19 crisis and using technology to assist with opening up and being able to contact trace is critical.  

“We know that the Andrews Labor Government has catastrophically failed Victorians with contact tracing using pen and paper. It must adopt existing technology that is being used elsewhere to assist in tracking and tracing the virus.

“This technology will give businesses and Victorians confidence that potential cases will be followed up quickly and efficiently. That just hasn’t happened in the past and it needs to.”

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