The Victorian Liberal Nationals welcome the Federal Liberal Government’s recent announcement to invest $1.9 billion dollars in innovative low emissions technology that actually works.

This clear plan, which emphasises real investment in technologies like hydrogen power, will help Victoria and Australia achieve our considered clean energy transition.

Victoria’s La Trobe Valley is also in the running to host the Federal Liberal Government’s pioneering $70 million hydrogen hub, as well as a new carbon capture and storage trial which will have access to funding of up to $193 million.

This is a welcome investment to the region, after the Andrews Labor Government presided over the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station, costing 850 jobs. The ABC estimated only 306 of those workers (36 per cent) found full-time employment 2 years later.

Furthermore, the Federal Liberal Government’s real plans to lower emissions stands in stark contrast to the empty promises of the Andrews Labor Government.

As the Victorian Liberal Nationals exposed earlier this year, the following failures exist with Victorian Labor’s empty renewables promises:

The Victorian Liberal Nationals will reduce emissions with a considered clean energy transition.

We welcome the Federal Liberal Government’s leadership on this issue, with $1.9 billion of real, job-creating investment.

Scott Morrison has put his money where his mouth is. Unfortunately, Labor’s Energy Minister D’Ambrosio keeps issuing glossy press releases, then forgetting to deliver her promises.

Victorians have lost confidence in Labor’s ability to govern our state and deliver on the promises they love to spruik but fail to fulfil.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, Ryan Smith:

“The Federal Government is reducing our emissions, while the Andrews Labor Government has failed to deliver over 90 per cent of its promised large-scale solar power projects.

“Federal Liberal Investment in La Trobe Valley green jobs would help the 850 people who lost their jobs when Hazelwood closed because of the Victorian Labor Government.”