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Victoria’s bail laws to be weakened on 25 March

Wednesday 6 February 2024

Victoria’s bail laws to be weakened on 25 March

Victoria’s bail laws will be significantly weakened on 25 March following a vote in the Legislative Council today.

A Liberals and Nationals Bill to preserve section 30B of the Bail Act was defeated by Labor and Greens MPs.

Section 30B makes it an offence for a person to commit an indictable offence whilst on bail. However, Labor’s laws passed last year (yet to come into effect) will abolish this provision.

This offence makes it harder for a person who is on bail to get bail again if they commit a further serious offence. It does this by raising the legal test that an applicant for bail needs to satisfy.

The Liberals and Nationals proposed a Bill to preserve section 30B, however Labor and Greens MPs voted it down in the Legislative Council today.

With the abolition of section 30B now certain to take effect on 25 March, Victoria’s bail laws will be weakened and repeat serious offenders will find it easier to keep getting bail.

Shadow Attorney-General, Michael O’Brien, said that the actions of Labor and Greens MPs will threaten the safety of Victorians.

“Victoria is seeing youth crime at a nine-year high and burglaries up by more than 30 per cent.

“Police admit that repeat serious offenders are one of the biggest threats to community safety, yet Labor and the Greens have given them a free pass by weakening bail laws.

“The current law reflects a simple principle: if you abuse the privilege of bail by committing further offences, you should face a tougher test to get bail again.

“By weakening bail laws, Jacinta Allan and the Labor government are putting the interests of repeat serious offenders ahead of the safety of Victorians.

“This is an appalling decision that puts all Victorians at risk. The consequences will be on the head of the Labor government.”

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