Victoria’s waste crisis costs Victorians millions

In hearings today before the Public Accounts and Estimate Committee, Labor’s Department of Environment confirmed it had spent over $9 million in taxpayers’ dollars trying to get Victoria’s waste management crisis under control.

The budget had originally allocated $6.6 million to the recycling sector to combat the waste management crisis. Yet, it was revealed today that the Andrews Labor Government had to give a further $2.3 million to try and stop the waste crisis from spiralling out of control.

Reports have estimated that more than 180,000 tonnes of recyclable material had been sent to landfill under the watch of the Andrews Labor Government. This has resulted in Victorians being forced to pay tens of millions of dollars extra in landfill taxes, to pay for dumping recyclable waste.

Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs have had to suffer repeated industrial waste fires as result of illegal waste stockpiling. Residents in West Footscray, Coolaroo, Epping and Campbellfield were subjected to toxic smoke and chemical filled air for weeks in their suburbs. Schools were closed and residents were evacuated from their homes.

It’s clear that neither Daniel Andrews or Labor are up to the job of protecting our environment.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment, Bridget Vallence:

“Evidence from today’s hearing confirms that Victorians have been forced by Daniel Andrews to pay millions of dollars to clean up Labor’s mess.

“Taxpayers have been forced to fork out millions of dollars so that local councils could dump recyclable waste.

“It is shameful that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of recyclable material has been sent to landfill under Labor’s watch, putting our environment under further pressure.

“Victorians are sick and tired of paying for Daniel Andrews’ stuff-ups.

“The Liberal Nationals have already committed to ending household waste being sent to landfill by 2035, and instead convert it to a resource. Yet, the Andrews Labor Government just wants to tax Victorians more to pay for a waste crisis of its own making.”

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