Union action during pandemic will hurt consumers, but Labor goes missing

As if having to endure a fifth lockdown wasn’t bad enough, now Victorian consumers will be asked to foot the bill for increased costs of goods all thanks to unnecessary union work stoppages and a lack of intervention from the Andrews Labor Government.   The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) is planning a 24-hour work stoppage […]

Statement from the Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

The Andrews Labor Government protection racket continues. Yesterday WorkSafe Victoria advised Ken Phillips of Self Employed Australia that its investigation into possible Hotel Quarantine breaches was ongoing. This is a serious matter. Labor’s mismanagement of the program resulted in 801 deaths. WorkSafe has spent more than nine months investigating the events that happened in March-June […]

New evidence exposes threat to lives after EMV flood warning failures

The Labor Government has refused to take responsibility for failures in the Traralgon flood emergency response that threatened lives. New evidence has exposed communications problems within Emergency Management Victoria that led to a more than four hour delay in local residents being told to evacuate their homes. The first evacuate order wasn’t issued until 10.30am […]

Joint Statement on Emergency Services staff and volunteers

Today, the Victorian Liberal Nationals expresses their deepest appreciation and respect for the ongoing efforts of Victoria’s Police and Emergency Service staff and volunteers across the state. Countless emergency service workers been working relentlessly for more than 19 months to keep Victorians safe, following the devastating 2019-20 bushfires, COVID-19 and now the ongoing state-wide extreme […]

Union causes havoc; Labor sits silent

Critical items Victorian consumers need will be left stranded on the dock thanks to unnecessary union stop work action and a lack of action from the Andrews Labor Government.   The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) is planning eight 12-hour work stoppages at the Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT) as part of an ongoing enterprise […]

Labor shuts down question on making fire services safe for women

Today in Question Time, the Andrews Labor Government gagged a question from the Liberal Nationals’ Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Tim Smith, about the safety of women in Victoria’s fire services. Refusing leave, Labor showed it is more interested in protecting bullies in the fire services than protecting women or making a safe workplace. The […]

Statement from the Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

The ongoing allegations of, sexual assault, circulation of pornographic images, harassment, bullying and discrimination in our fire services are completely unacceptable.  Today’s revelations by Julie McEwan, a brave female firefighter and whistleblower, is yet another compelling reason why the Andrews Labor Government must release the Human Rights Commission investigation into bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination in […]

Parliamentary Committee for Road Safety must be reinstated

The Andrews Labor Government must commit to taking a bipartisan approach on road safety by immediately reinstating the joint Parliamentary Committee for Road Safety. Prior to its abolition in 2015, the Road Safety Committee existed for over twenty years and was an integral part of Victoria becoming a road safety leader. The Andrews Labor Government […]

Report reveals Labor’s public housing neglect

The Report on Government Services released today by the independent Productivity Commission has once again shown the Andrews Labor Government’s rhetoric doesn’t match reality when it comes to public housing. The stats are damning. In 2011 there were 64,941 social housing dwellings in Victoria, there are now 64,072. This despite Victoria’s population increasing by almost 1 […]

Labor’s Toxic Tunnel mess goes from bad to worse

In a major embarrassment to the Andrews Labor Government, its environmental regulator has been forced to revoke approvals issued to allow millions of tonnes of PFAS toxic soil to be dumped at the Maddingley coal site on the doorstep of Bacchus Marsh homes and school. Labor and the EPA have been caught out trying to rush […]

Labor cuts local communities out of development approvals

The Andrews Labor Government will arrogantly exempt itself from planning approvals, exclude community consultation, appeals to VCAT, and community objections for any of its new public and social housing works.  Labor has scrapped all due public planning processes for these developments.  The community will have no say of what gets built over their back fence. […]

Liberal Nationals welcome Ombudsman investigation into housing towers

The Liberal Nationals have welcomed the Ombudsman’s announcement that her office will investigate the treatment of residents in a North Melbourne public housing tower. More than 3000 Melbourne residents, with less than an hour’s notice, were told they could not leave their homes, when Andrews ordered nine public housing towers into complete lockdown earlier this […]

Joint statement on public housing tower lockdowns

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier: “Vulnerable Victorians across the state will be concerned about the risk they now face due to the incompetence and mismanagement of COVID-19 by the Andrews Labor Government.  “The extent of this crisis is growing by the day and resources will be stretched, potentially placing lives at […]

Andrews bungles tower lockdown

Public housing residents banned from leaving their buildings are confused, frustrated and fed-up with this hard lockdown by the Andrews Labor Government.   Police resources are stretched, with reports there are not always police on every floor.  If residents inside the towers are not getting the support they need from the Andrews government and its agencies, then […]